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(collaborative installation)

The HOT BODIES - CAMP project invites a group of car mechanics to build within old car frames, habitats for a post-capitalist world. Departing from collective discussions around such notions as Utopia, Survival or Ecology, it holds on science-fiction to unfold their visions of our potential futures. 

The first edition of HOT BODIES - CAMP took place in Paris in collaboration with LE CENTQUATRE and the Lycée Jenatzy.
In 2019, the HOT BODIES - CAMP has been created with the auto-mechanic students of the INSTITUT SAINT JOSEPH in Brussels in the frame of the FREE SCHOOL program of the KUNSTENFESTIVALDESARTS.
In this frame, the students tuned a Volvo car, wrote a hip-hop song and prepared a lecture for the audience in their installation room at RECYCLART.


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