Gérald Kurdian studied visual arts at the ENSA Paris-Cergy before entering the performance and contemporary dance program Ex.e.r.ce 07 under the direction of Mathilde Monnier and Xavier Le Roy.

His oblique concerts inspired by the genres of stand-up comedy, live musical or pop acts are opportunities to invent synergies between electronic music, performance art and documentary practices. They are regularly presented in the contexts of visual arts (Centre Pompidou - Metz, Fondation Cartier), indie music (Centquatre, Nouveau Casino), or performing arts (Usine C - Montréal, Crossing the Line - New York, Steirischer Herbst - Graz , etc).. 


He has composed radio-pieces with sex workers - Je suis Putain ( Atelier de Création Radiophonique, 2007) - and contemporary dancers - 6 mois 1 lieu et le comportement de l’ensemble (2009) - 

In 2010, he won the Phonurgia Nova grant for his project - Menaces Fantômes (2011) - led with the author Caroline Masini and developed since then a serie of documentary projects using songwriting as a pretext to testimony and exchange : Nos jours, absolument, doivent-être illuminés (2011) developed with the movie director Jean-Gabriel Périot and an group of prisoners of the Orléans jailhouse, - Les Îles Artificielles (2015) with the employees of an insurance company.


He composes for movie directors Héléna Villovitch, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet, Arnold Pasquier - Paramount Vincent Dieutre -Déchirés, Grave (2013) - and choréographers Mette Ingvartsen, Philipp Gehmacher, Jen Rosenblit, Eszter Salamon, Carole Perdereau and Eleanor Bauer.

Winner of the Prix Paris Jeunes Talents 09, the Grand Zebrock and the FAIR 2010, his electronic songs project first LP, This is the hello monster!, has been selected among the 2010 best records of the french newspaper Libération. In 2016, he released, Icosaèdre, a french-speaking EP produced by the brilliant electronic musician Chapelier Fou.

Since then, he develops HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE !, a performative and musical research cycle on alternative forms of sexualities and queer micro-politics within which he initiates experimental queer healing choir projects (HOT BODIES - CHOIR), intersectional parties (A QUEER BALL FOR HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE) and live music acts (TAREK X / HOT BODIES - STAND UP).


Hot Bodies - Stand Up

The Many Lives of Tarek X
Hot Bodies - Score


Hot Bodies - Camp

Les îles Artificielles


Hot Bodies  - Choirs

Hot Bodies - Care



EP #1 / Faeries  (2020)

Hot Bodies of the Future 



Tiphaine Gagne / Ohlala Agency



29.03.2020 / Metz (fr)


Jury Member

Festival du Film Subversif 

09.04.2020 / Paris (fr)


Prints in collective exhibition

Instinct Berlin

03.04.2020 / Zürich (ch)


Live music in Jen Rosenblit's performance "I'm gonna need another one"



28.05.2020 / Brussels (be)


Hot Bodies - Score 


07.06.2020 / Lausanne


Live music in Jen Rosenblit's performance "Everybody's fantasy"




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