A Queer  Club for Hot Bodies of the Future !

(intersectional club party)

Party d’amour for the queer revolutions, A QUEER BALLROOM FOR HOT BODIES OF THE FUTURE honors those who electrify bodies, desires, political utopias and collective joys: Gender-benders, eco-sexual, feminists, afro-futurists, witches, faeries, fetishists, lesbians, gays, bi, trans, cyborgs, non-binary, poly-sexual, party animals and other creatures of the future ​​sharing happy and subversive experiences.

Initiated by Gérald Kurdian, it reinvents herself at leisure and campaigns with a magical collective body against patriarchy and xenophobic institutions.

Sometimes it likes to read, kiss strangers and dance naked on a Mykki Blanco record.

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